Training can instill new vocational skills and improve the capability, productivity and performance of an individual or team in key competencies needed for exploration.

ARCHEAN offers training courses specifically tailored to our client's needs. We have the experience to assist in optimizing geological teams through assessment of skills, competencies and additional training.  We can assess management styles to improve morale, efficiency and time management in addition to instructing on specific exploration field techniques. We can familiarize client staff with internationally recognized standards and industry best practice guidelines, train new staff in specific fieldwork skills.

Training and professional development is crucial to successfully building a team of knowledgeable, proactive and innovative geoscientists who can effectively generate and test geological targets.

ARCHEAN provides multidisciplinary guidance on a broad spectrum of topics and skills, collaborating with client’s technical teams to solve onsite problems and help develop their in-house capabilities. We have highly skilled geologists experienced in working for independent consultancies, exploration and mining companies and academic institutions. ARCHEAN provide project and task specific coaching to technical staff who are undertaking exploration activities. This often involves working of our geologists onsite with the client’s team before letting the project run independently with occasional remote support.

ARCHEAN can assist staff in becoming more familiar with internationally recognized standards, provide training of new staff in field skills or the development of the team in a specialist area of expertise.

Our expertise have experience preparing courses in field techniques such as

- Geological mapping.
    - Recording geological structures measurements and structural mapping
    - Operating geophysical surveying equipment
    - Sampling procedures.

- Exploration drilling such as core drilling and RC drilling.
    - Specialized three dimensional geological modelling software.
    - Interpretation of geochemical and geophysical datasets.
    - Comprehensive geological and geotechnical logging of drill core.

These sessions are designed to encourage the client’s teams to become confident, responsible and independent in their work.