Mine design, planning and optimization

We recognize the importance of effective mine planning for the success of mining operations. Archean’s development of mine design and mine plans and our choice of mining method and equipment is guided by our experience as a mine operator and mining consultant.


Our mine plans optimize the extraction of the deposit, while taking into account the equipment limitations and production targets. The resulting plans detail the run-of-mine tonnage and grades. Our experts provide detailed information including: how many staff, which equipment, and which materials are required, where the mine should be located and how waste dumps and tailings dams will develop throughout the life of the mine. 


Archean experts provide opencast mine design, planning and optimization solutions by using mine planning software packages, including GEMCOM SURPAC and DATAMINE. Our solutions are tailored to the choice of mining and haulage method used.


Our experience and expertise in mine design, planning and optimization enables us to provide services include:

  • Conceptual and detailed pit design
  • Access roads, stockpile, waste dump and tailings dam design.
  • long-term and short-term planning and production schedules
  • Mining method determination
  • Equipment, staff and material requirements determination
  • Capital and operating cost estimates
  • Mine opening details and developments.
  • Production and equipment schedule optimization
  • Run-of-mine tonnage and grade scheduling.
  • 3 D visualization models