Land Survey

Archean provides geometric “spatially referenced” surveying services and offers extensive experience in a wide range of survey applications. Archean’s personnel use a selection of ‘state of the art’ surveying equipment form traditional total stations to GPS satellite surveying instruments. Our survey team members are trained and experienced in producing their own drawings, 3D models, and volume and void calculations utilizing industry standard software.

Topographical Survey

Before undertaking any mining project, it may be necessary to perform a topographic land survey to identify various features and elevations of the land and map the contours of the ground and existing features on the surface of the earth. Our surveys can be related to the  Survey National Grid plan and Height Datum, or to a site local grid, and provided as 3D models or drawings in a wide variety of industry standard digital formats.


Mine/Quarry Survey

The ever-changing nature of quarry landscapes means that sites often need to be scanned quickly to aid in the efficient planning of such operations as the re-routing of roads, positioning of heavy machinery, and surveying of blast materials and stockpiles. In all cases the end client required a detailed topographic surveys to include a DTM of the entire quarry, volume calculations of stock piles and high resolution aerial imagery of the quarry.

  • Whole site mapping: Map entire quarries quicker for improved project management.
  • Roads Survey: design, planning, cut and fill calculations, and management mine roads construction.
  • 3D rock face profiling: Scan vast quarry walls in detail to help plan safer, more optimized blast designs.
  • Blast analysis: Pre- and post-blast mapping to monitor changes to rock face, volume and position of material blasted.
  • Stockpile/volumetric surveys: Measure stockpile volume, height, diameter and density to help calculate inventory, plan deliveries/collections, and to support theft prevention.