Exploration Drilling Services

A primary role that ARCHEAN plays on behalf of a client is ensuring that drilling is executed using industry best practice so that accurate data is collected for use in three dimensional geological deposit models. All mineral exploration projects require subsurface exploration in order to progress and define extensions to mineralization identified at surface. Samples from drilling form the basis of Mineral Resource Estimates and hence contribute to the material value of a project.

Drilling Planning and Design

ARCHEAN has experience in planning drilling programs so that at each stage the minimum number of holes are drilled to obtain the maximum amount of information. This involves ore body modelling and 3D orientation of drill holes prior to and during the program. With a portfolio of successfully designed and managed drilling programs in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Sudan by their experts.

Onsite Supervision

ARCHEAN can provide rig-site geologists and/or drilling supervisors to supervise and manage programs from reliable drilling companies and often conducts audits of the drilling program.

ARCHEAN geologists have experience in the technical aspects of drilling and are proficient in dealing with rig crews to ensure that quality samples are consistently produced. Crucial roles also include the investigation of poor drilling or bad ground conditions, as evidenced in recovered core, and the monitoring of compliance with safety and environmental regulations.

Drilling implementation and contracting

ARCHEAN has knowledge of all types of drilling including diamond core (DC), reverse circulation (RC), percussion rotary air blast (RAB), air core(AC), hydraulic rotary and auger as well as other less common techniques. ARCHEAN supply the client by routinely analyses of costs, rig size and suitability of each type to particular deposits and terrains in order to save time and money. Also we conduct negotiates outsources to get best drilling contract on behalf of clients.

Core Yard Services

ARCHEAN can carry out core yard services by their professional geologists. The services includes:

  • Geological, structural and geotechnical logging and,
  • Core cutting,
  • Sampling, sample preparation.
  • Qa/Qc program implementation.
  • Packing and dispatching to laboratory.

Assay contracting and management

ARCHEAN deals with a number of analytical laboratories in the country at home and abroad and can be contracted for the benefit of the client with the follow-up samples from the time of exit from the site to be delivered to the laboratory and verify the operation of the analysis properly and review the results and ensure their authenticity; and delivery to the client